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Match Day Procedure for all Team managers

As we are approaching our 3rd week of the 2021/22 Season the majority of our member teams are getting used to the new systems with FA Full Time and The Match Day App.

We have used a short information template for match day procedures which we hope will make your duties a little easier.


  1. Check that correct venue and kick off time is showing on Full Time at least 5 days before the game.

  2. Kick off times should be between 10.00am and 3.00pm.

  3. By adding the kick-off time, it will send an e mail confirmation to your opposition. If you are the away team and this information is not received it is your responsibility to seek such details from the home team. (This is why it is vital that all email addresses for Team Administrators and Club Secretaries attached to teams are 100% correct)

  4. Check with your opponents about kit colours to avoid a clash on the day.

  5. Print off your squad list. You will only need to print this once unless you register any new players. It is recommended that, if possible, this squad sheet is laminated.

  6. Ensure your pitch meets the correct standard and has all the required equipment such as correct size goals and corner flags.

  7. If you have been allocated a League Referee, meet him at the pitch, and providehim with the match ball and pay his fee prior to kick-off.

  8. During the game all teams will be sent an automated SMS message, which is required to be replied to with the result after the final whistle. Half time scores, or latest scores are not required by this League.

  9. As soon as possible after the game, but no later than Wednesday, you MUST add your team statistics. These must include players who started, bench players used and unused, Referee name and marks, Respect marks and ground condition.

  10. If the Full Time App will not let you do your statistics, you must log on separately to the Fulltime web site and add the details there. Teams will be fined for not completing this information

We Hope this will help you for your future games with us at The Echo Junior Football League

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