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The best way to get the season started on time

As we are all preparing for the 2021/22 season we will all come across some problems with one thing or another? but there is no need to panic as there are many options and directions to use for assistance.

The FA have many websites and links to virtually help your process in getting your club or teams all ready for that first kick of a competitive game on Sunday 12th September 2021.

We have posted links to a lot of these resources in our Files and Downloads tab so if you are stuck and confused on what to do then please go there by Clicking on the button

If you need to go to one of our divisional Officers or even the General Secretary then head over to the contacts page where you can email them and await a response

We hope you have a very enjoyable season and lets hope that we can complete a Full season after missing out over the last 18 months due to the global pandemic.

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